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Job Analysis Survey

Thank you for taking time to respond! Your feedback is very important to UPPCC and helps shape the future of public procurement professional certifications. The purpose of this survey is to obtain validation from practitioners of the relevant Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) needed for competent performance in public procurement. The feedback gathered from the survey will be used to update the certification exams and ensures that UPPCC’s CPPO and CPPB programs remain the gold standard for public procurement practitioners.

Background: This process, commonly known as a Job Analysis, is routinely commissioned by UPPCC every 5-7 years and was last performed in 2013. Recognizing the extent of change that had occurred since 2013, the UPPCC elected to first perform an Environmental Scan of the profession to glean more about the needs of the profession. Simultaneously, the UPPCC also collaborated with Public Spend Forum (PSF) and other organizations across the public procurement community in the development of the Public Procurement Workforce Competency Model (PPWCM). Equipped with valuable data and intel from those two projects as well as input from other sources, UPPCC embarked on a new Job Analysis project.

In November 2019, the UPPCC assembled a diverse group of UPPCC certified individuals from across the United States and Canada to serve as the Job Analysis Task Force. The role of the task force is to provide subject matter expertise in the development of new content outlines for the certification exams. This survey represents their collective efforts of the essential KSAs needed for competent performance at the buyer and officer levels. The KSAs are presented across six main content domain areas: Legal Framework, Procurement Planning and Analysis, Sourcing and Solicitation, Contract Development and Management, Leadership, and Business Principles and Operations.

Please make sure to complete the entire survey and provide feedback. At the end of the survey you will be given the opportunity to provide any KSAs you feel were not represented and provide UPPCC with valuable insight regarding anticipated changes and emerging trends with respect to KSAs. This rigorous and systematic process provides assurance that what is important for competent practice in the profession is tested in the certification examinations and that the examinations themselves are fair and valid.

We appreciate your time and value your feedback!

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